How Modern Actuarial Platforms Are Transforming the Insurance Sector

Insurance is a $5050 Billion industry and dates back to time immemorial. Societies and civilizations had their own ways of providing financial loss and risk prevention protections. Even in modern times, we have seen the insurance sector transform over every passing decade. Since we embarked on the 21st century, human civilization has observed a great shift in technology with the evolution of AI, ML and Big Data.

The insurance sector heavily relies on data, organizational knowledge, and information derived from previous years. Now, with AI and Big Data systems in place, these learnings are being done in real time. Every new case logged into the system adds another reference point for these automated systems. This enables them to act more swiftly in case of an alarming situation.

Modern insurance rating techniques incorporate advanced tools, including Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. These robust tools enable a framework that facilitates real-time modernization of insurance products, ensuring swift and efficient rating processes in the insurance industry.

In the traditional models, the insurance companies had a periodical review of insurance ratings to determine the premium for insurance products. So, an insurance premium would be continued as is until the next review is done, and in some cases, insurance companies even bore losses in events of massive losses due to unforeseen events.

The next-gen Radar Live and other similar tools offer great peace of mind for insurance providers as they offer the following features:


A rating modernization process that can be tweaked at any stage without the need for massive development is something that the whole insurance sector craved. Modern platforms offer unmatched agility allowing companies to tweak their insurance offerings at any point.

Analytical Sophistication

Backed by Deep Learning, Big Data and Artificial intelligence tools, modern rating platforms keep a close eye on every product being offered and every claim being processed. This gives the actuaries real-time insights and control over their complete portfolio.

Speed to Market

With low code and no code rating models, an insurance provider can now quickly create a new product or optimize the existing portfolio in a short span of time. This allows insurance companies to be abreast of their competition while ensuring profitability.

Modern Rating methods offer paperless transactions, digital processing, and remote processing capabilities making insurance businesses more scalable offering services to more geographies, designing customized insurance plans to meet the needs of certain demographics, etc.


A digital platform for ratings with digital claims processing makes it easier for insurance companies to adhere to regulatory compliances and governance norms. As the processes are digitized, there is a trail of every action taken on the platform and every process initiated on the system.

Real-Time Distribution

Rating modernization required a great effort in terms of development and then distribution. With modern rating platforms, distribution is automated. Any change made in the rating system or any product is reflected in real-time across all platforms and sales channels.

Less Manual Inputs

Modern AI-based rating platforms need fewer human inputs to determine the efficiency of various products. All claims are digitally processed and the AI system automatically gathers data from the day-to-day operations to suggest changes to various products offered in real-time.

Insurance companies across the world are adopting modern Actuarial Platforms like Radar Live to stay ahead of their competitors. These platforms enable the insurance providers to offer the best insurance products meeting the customer needs while being profitable.

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