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How Modern Actuarial Models are Transforming the Insurance Sector

Insurance is a $5050 Billion industry and dates back to time immemorial. Societies and civilizations had their own ways of providing financial loss and risk prevention protections. Even in the modern times, we have seen the insurance sector transform over every passing decade.

Leveraging AI in Actuarial Planning for Profitability

Artificial intelligence is knocking on the doors of all avenues of human civilization. And the insurance sector is also experiencing a paradigm shift. From traditional actuarial sciences to an AI-powered actuarial ecosystem, the evolution signifies both technological advancement

How Real Time Adaptability can help Insurance Companies mitigate Risks

Insurance companies and products have been through losses across the globe over the past decades. While there is actuarial science, an evolved methodology to ensure the profitability of insurance products, there are several unforeseen factors that come into play leading to losses